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Then fill with your own choice of sweets. Simple!!!

Don't forget to add Gift Wrap and Ribbon for the extra special touch.


3 for 2 on selected 0.5L Jars!!! Order 3 and enter

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0.25 Litre Glass Jar

This distinctive looking bottle, 250ml capacity, is made from crystal clear glass and comes with a l..


Retro Mini Milks 0.25L

BACK IN STOCK!!!!!Fabulous retro mini milk bottles like the ones we used to get in school.250ml high..


3 FOR 2!! Gingham Glass Jar

3 FOR 2 OFFER!!!!!! Order three jars in one order and pay only for two....enter coupon 342 at "Check..


3 FOR 2!! Dome Jar

3 FOR 2 OFFER!!!!!! Order three jars in one order and pay only for two!!! Enter coupon 342 at "Check..


0.3 Litre Glass Dome Jar

Approx. size 14.0 cm high x 7.0 cm wide. A 0.3  litre glass jar filled with sweets of your cho..


0.7L Gingham Glass Jar

Clear glass Preserve jar with 82mm red and white lined gingham twist off lid. The rubber lining prev..


1 Litre Dome Jar

A one litre dome top  jar filled with sweets of your choice.  Available in PET (recycled) ..


0.5L Kilner Glass Jar

0.5 Litre High Quality "Kilner" clip-top jar. Ideal for many re-uses...


1.5 Litre Jar

Available in high quality square glass or PET recycled plastic (dome top design).    ..


1L "Kilner" Clip Top

A fabulous high quality "Kilner" branded clip-top jar with a rubber sealed lid. Super gifts with a w..


0.75L "Le Parfait" Glass Jar

Large 750ml glass Le Parfait jar. Banded, prestige French Glass, ideal for a wide variety of re-uses..


Whoppers!! (2L plus)

Jars for serious sweet lovers and perfect for sharing!!!! Between 1.2 and 1.6 kilos of your choice o..


1 Litre "Le Parfait" Glass Jar

1 Litre (1000ml) capacity glass Le Parfait food jar. A large glass jar with metal hinge and glass li..


1.5 L "Le Parfait" Glass Jar

1.5 litre (1500ml) clear glass Le Parfait jar. Comes with a glass lid which has a metal hinge and a ..