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Gummy  Sweet Hamper

For lovers of delicious retro jelly sweets everywhere then gummy delights hamper delivers the classics and more!

This hamper is bursting with over 20 Jelly and gummy sweets to tantalise your tastebuds. Think Cola Bottles, Fried Eggs, Jelly Babies, fizzy blue bottles, juicy lips and so much more.


Cola Bottles - 100g
Dolly Mixtures - 100g
Twin Cherry - 100g
Fizzy Blue Bottles - 100g
Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles - 100g
Fizzy Cola Bottles - 100g
Fizzy Sour Dummies - 100g
Fried Eggs - 100g
Friendship Rings - 100g
Jelly Babies - 100g
Jelly Bats - 100g
Jelly Beans - 200g
Jelly Bones - 100g
Jelly Snakes - 100g
Juicy Lips - 100g
Liquorice Wheels - 100g
Pint of Beer Sweets - 100g
Strawberry Hearts - 100g
Teddy Bears - 100g
Wine Gums - 100g
Fizzy Strawberries - 100g

Gummy Sweet Hamper

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  • £39.99