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Fruit Pastilles

An original, fantastically fruity flavoured jelly with a sugar coating.  ..

£2.25 £1.99

Sports Mixture

A mixture of sports shapes bursting with taste. ..

£2.25 £1.99

Wine Gums

These little rounds of real firm gum packed with a strong liquorice and aniseed flavour.  &n..

£2.25 £1.99

0.25 Litre Glass Jar

Approx. size 14.0 cm high x 7.0 cm wide. A 0.25 litre glass jar filled with sweets of your choice.&..

£4.99 £3.99

American Hard Gums

Chewy Amercian Hard Gums - Large drops of sugar coated firm and chewy jelly fruits. ..

£2.25 £1.99

Blackcurrant & Liquorice

One of our best sellers, a crispy blackcurrant flavoured shell with a soft squidgy liquorice centre...

£2.25 £1.99

Candy Necklaces

Every child remembers these whether they are 4 or 40! An elasticated necklace strung with sweet cand..

£2.25 £1.99

Candy Shrimps

Always a favourite - a small firm raspberry flavoured foam shrimp.   Sugar, Glucose Syrup..

£2.25 £1.99

Chocolate Eclairs

Smooth toffee with a lot of chocolate in the middle and individually wrapped.  Fantastic old ti..

£2.25 £1.99

Jelly Babies

These are gorgeous! A classic for all ages... ..

£2.25 £1.99

Mini Milk Bottles - set of three

Gorgeous Mini Milk Bottles filled with your favourite sweets and a personalised label, perfect for w..

£12.00 £8.99

Vanilla Fudge - wrapped

Chunks of Vanilla Fudge. Very smooth and very creamy. Once you start you just can't stop! Sugar, ..

£2.25 £1.99