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Old Fashioned Sweets Hamper

Just like granddad used to buy! Take a journey back to the days of old school candy stripe sweet bags and weekend trip to the grandparents. This beautiful hand made wicker hamper is packed with all of the old school classics for that nostalgic feel.

Including such traditional sweets as Kola Cubes, Aniseed Twists, Toffees, Butterscotch and Rhubarb & Custards

The sweets are presented in a beautiful hamper measuring 320x220x120mm and come complete with a personalised card for that final personal touch.

Contents may vary slightly.

Suitable for ages 8+

Aniseed Twists - 100g
Assorted Toffees - 100g
Butterscotch - 100g
Jelly Babies - 200g
Jelly Beans - 200g
Kola Cubes - 200g
Liquorice Cream Rock - 100g
Liquorice Wheels - 100g
Mint Humbugs - 100g
Mint Imperials - 100g
Pear Drops - 100g
Pineapple Cubes - 100g
Rosey Apples - 100g
Rhubarb & Custards - 200g
Sherbet lemons - 100g
Strawberry Bon Bons - 100g
Sweet peanuts - 100g
Turkish delight - 100g
Vanilla Fudge - 100g
Wine Gums - 100g

Old Fashioned Sweets Hamper

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