Sweets by The Bag

Treat yourself to a 200 grams bag of your favourite sweets,  we also have them in different sizes 

These are also ideal for Children party gifts, wedding favours or why not just treat yourself?

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Parma Violets (each)

Little rolls of violet flavoured (and scented) candy, still very very popular.  Made by Swizzel..


Lollies - Swizzells Double (Each)

Two tone hard sherbet on a stick, an absolute must for dipping into sherbet or chock lick.  ..


Lollies - Vimto

Little balls of dynamite Vimto flavour on the end of a stick.    Glucose Syrup, S..


Flying Saucers (10 per bag)

Multi coloured discs made from rice paper and filled with fizzy sherbet.  Perfect for party bag..


Milk Bottles

Firm little milk bottles with a powder dusting. The most nostalgic gum made. Made by Barratt. ..


Wine Gums

These little rounds of real firm gum packed with a strong liquorice and aniseed flavour.  &n..


Barrett Pink and White Jelly Bean Hearts

Barrett Pink and White Jelly Beans, perfect for wedding favours or a romantic gift. Ingredients -..


Black Jacks

The original Barratt mini wrapped firm gum with a strong aniseed flavour. Black Jacks are best ..


Blackcurrant & Liquorice

One of our best sellers, a crispy blackcurrant flavoured shell with a soft squidgy liquorice centre...


Bon Bons - Strawberry

The best chewy toffee coated in a sweet and tasty strawberry flavoured dusting. Delicious.  ..


Bon Bons - Toffee

Smaller than the other bon bons and very chewy, coated in a toffee flavoured dusting. A firm favouri..


Bubble Bottles

Pink and blue bottles, very fizzy jelly with a real bubble gum flavour to them but without the mess ..


Candy Shrimps

Always a favourite - a small firm raspberry flavoured foam shrimp.   Sugar, Glucose Syrup..


Chocolate Eclairs

Smooth toffee with a lot of chocolate in the middle and individually wrapped.  Fantastic old ti..


Chocolate Limes

Another top seller and nostalgic sweet, a crispy lime flavoured shell with a smooth chocolate centre..