Traditional & Memories

Traditional & Memories
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Lollies - Swizzells Double (Each)

Two tone hard sherbet on a stick, an absolute must for dipping into sherbet or chock lick.  ..


Lollies - Vimto

Little balls of dynamite Vimto flavour on the end of a stick.    Glucose Syrup, S..


Flying Saucers (10 per bag)

Multi coloured discs made from rice paper and filled with fizzy sherbet.  Perfect for party bag..


Candy Shrimps

Always a favourite - a small firm raspberry flavoured foam shrimp.   Sugar, Glucose Syrup..


Dolly Mixture

Dolly mixture is a British confection, consisting of a variety of multi-coloured fondant shapes, wit..


Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles

Fizzy Cherry flavour Cola Bottles, these will get your taste buds tingling! Ingredients - Su..


Foam Bananas

A real memory sweet, little yellow bananas made from foam with a banana flavour and smell to them.&n..


Fruit Salad and Black Jack Chews

Old fashioned individually wrapped fruit chews, excellent flavour and excellent memories. Made by Ba..


Love Hearts mini rolls

Little rolls of hard sherbet sweets with lots of special messages on. Were you ever brave enough to ..


Mini Sweet Mix

A 'memorable' selection of Mini Snap Fruit Chews, Mr Chews, Refreshers, Mini Love Hearts and Fizzers..


Vanilla Fudge - wrapped

Chunks of Vanilla Fudge. Very smooth and very creamy. Once you start you just can't stop! Sugar, ..


Double Dip

Swizzells candy stick in a packets with different fruit flavoured fizzy sherbet, all children love t..